Events/Activities Sponsored by the Band Boosters

  • The Annual Concert at Kleinhans Music Hall (tradition since 1965​) provides our band students the experience of performing at the world-class Kleinhans Music Hall. The Kleinhans Concert is our biggest endeavor. All three Clarence High School Bands are provided the opportunity to spend an evening performing on the Kleinhans’ stage. This special evening, paid for by the Band Boosters through fundraising efforts, caps off a year of hard work and showcases our fine music program.

  • Fund many guest artists that work with our children each year. Since the 1960’s, the Clarence Bands have enjoyed the privilege of having world-class artists in residence to share their talent with our ensembles and community.  These artists generally work with music students at the college level, and this is a privilege many other high school students do not get the chance to experience. It is an inspiring opportunity and encourages our students to strive and perform at the highest levels.

  • We strive to provide fundraising opportunities so that all students may have the opportunity to travel on the band trips. At present the bands travel every other year, so during their four years at the high school they will have the opportunity to travel to Disney World in Florida and New York City.  The Disney trip offers them an opportunity to play at a concert venue in Downtown Disney  and the trip to NYC is considered a cultural trip.  There they have the opportunity to see the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera and a Broadway show.  They will also have the opportunity to participate and/or observe a master class.

  • Band Banquet, another highlight of the year is also sponsored by the Band Boosters.  We subsidize a portion of the student’s cost to make it affordable for all students to attend.  We also cover the full cost for the graduating Seniors.

So please join us!

Meetings are held at 7:00 PM in the Band Room!